Controller Web Interface 
Information available to operator locally or remotely with web interface portal
  Instant values: displays overview of the real-time
     status of the system including pump operating
     mode, pump status and alarm status.

   Graphs and levels: displays the time graphs
     of the several pump parameters chosen for
     monitoring by the user.

   Alarms: displays active alarms. If pump has been
     registered in the portal & being accessed through
     the Web-Link it is possible to view all received 
     log of all alarms with date, time and type.

   General settings: a section where the user can
     set the operating mode of the pump and adjust
     dosing parameters.

Motor-Driven Pumps 
Digital Interface Controller
Key Features
Designed to operate for long periods
Lubrication of all moving parts
Heads for aggressive chemicals 
Design eliminates overheating
Intelligent software program
Remote monitoring

Mechanical piston dosing pumps for high pressure (100 Bar) applications Mechanical diaphragm dosing pumps outputs 1200 L/Hr suitable for 4.5 bar with multiple chemical resistant heads available Mechanical piston dosing pumps outputs 300 L/Hr suitable for 20 bar with multiple chemical resistant heads available Mechanical dosing pumps with integrated web server controller to remotely monitor and adjust key parameters

Mechanical Digital Pumps
V Series

Technical Features
  Designed with spring-return mechanism for an effective and reliable dosing performance.
  Broad range of hydraulic configurations - multiple combinations wet-end configurations
  Flow rates up to 1,000 l/Hr to 20 bar pressure suitable for high viscosity applications.
Digital Smart Controller
  Multifunction programmable controller provides greater diversity of process applications 
  External digital signals from the field to program and control chemical dosing levels.
  Controller retains historical statistics providing invaluable process information. 
Integrated Web-Server (IoT) Connection
  Monitor-programme pump remotely 24/7 via any PC-tablet or smart device. 
  Round the clock secure connectivity of web-server Internet of things (IoT). 
  Remote programming of parameters critical in optimising chemical effiency.
  Real-timenotifications of any alarm situations for process optimisation.
Multifunction Controller
Operating modes :- | Manual | Programmable timer often used for biocide dosing operations |
| Proportional :- | 1:N - N:1 - PPM (water meter) | Proportional 420mA controlled |
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Smart Intelligent Graphic Display
Intuitive Interface Changes Colour According To Operating Function

V Series Controller

Display          Main          Calbr         Alarm                        Display          Main          Calbr         Alarm                        Display          Main          Calbr         Alarm
Controller Communicating
Smart Device
Alarms Status Activated
Check System
Successful Parameter
Schedule Updated
   Statistics/counters: provides an overview of the invaluable historical
     statistics of the chemical dosing pump-system under control.
   Advanced settings: available only to users with appropriate permissions,
     this allows them to set other advanced device parameters and to stop,
     start and pause the pump remotely.
   Webserver Pages: when accessing internal webserver local pages further
     sections become available for updating pump firmware setting network
     parameters such as Wi-Fi network password, needed to connect device
     to the internet.
   Cloud Storage Platform: collate & publish data to the cloud through secure
     standard protocols convenient for file sharing, access data anywhere and
     anytime you need it maximizes productivity and time efficiency.

Pumps With Modbus WiFi Technology 

Dosing pumps and instruments with online cloud platform access across multiple locations worldwide
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