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Dosing Pumps
ATEX ZONE 2 Compliant
  Petroleum - Gas - Oil
  Mining and Quarrying
 Industrial Chemicals
  Water Treatment
  Food & Beverage

Flow Rate
Max Strokes
cc Injection
 Hose Size
Power Watts 
4.0 L/Hr
12 Bar
0.42 ml
4 x 6 mm
 5.0 L/Hr
10 Bar
0.52 ml
4 x 6 mm
6.0 L/Hr
8 Bar
0.63 ml
4 x 6 mm
8.0 L/Hr
2 Bar
0.83 ml
4 x 6 mm
7.0 L/Hr
12 Bar
0.38 ml
4 x 6 mm
10.0 L/Hr
10 Bar
0.55 ml
4 x 6 mm
15.0 L/Hr
5 Bar
0.83 ml
4 x 6 mm
18.0 L/Hr
1 Bar
1.00 ml
4 x 6 mm
20.0 L/Hr
5 Bar
1.11 ml
4 x 6 mm
32.0 L/Hr
4 Bar
1.78 ml
4 x 6 mm
62.0 L/Hr
2 Bar
3.44 ml
4 x 6 mm
110.0 L/Hr
0.1 Bar
6.11 ml
4 x 6 mm
Note : - Guidance purposes only manufacturer reserves right to amended specifications

Pump Outputs & Specifications

                            Proportional Dosing Pumps
                               Pump is programmed to deliver a precise volume of chemical proportional to the water meter flow impulse signal.
                              Parts per million maintains a precise chemical dose in ppm regulated by the input signal from the water meter.
                              Proportional 4-20mA input signal regulates pump frequency output based on the incoming 4-20mA signal.

                           Timer Dosing Pumps 
                             Pump doses for a preset period of time (eg 30 minutes) practical solution to chemical treatment applications .
                             Programmed to regulate chemical treatment frequency operations; per minute -hourly-daily or weekly.

Pumps With Modbus WiFi Technology
Key Features
   Pump in 316L stainless steel housing rated suitable for ATEX Zone 2 environment applications 
     classified as a medium-risk area with the presence of potentially explosive gases and vapours.
   Patented stabilised power algorithm reacts to live working conditions by compensating for any  
     power fluctuations whilst maintaining performance and reducing energy consumption.
   Powerful microprocessor with multifunction program for integration into any dosing process
   Parameters :- Proportional | 420mA | 1:n-n:1 | PPM | meter controlled
     Iinternal programmable seven day timer for batch dosing applications.
   Remote access through websever with full programming authority.
   Power supply 100240 volt   Upon Request 24Vac and 12Vdc
  Stainless Steel pump body    Kit available | PVDF | PVDF-T |
   Flow Rate Range :- | 0.4110 Litres |   Pressure :- 20 Bar |
   Pump Housing :- IP65 Protection

Dosing Pumps 
OG Series

Dosing pumps and instruments with online cloud platform access across multiple locations worldwide
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Ex ic nA IIB T4 Gc
Ex tc III CT120C Dc IP65

Dosing Pumps ATEX Zone 2 Classified
Pump in 316L stainless steel housing with digital display and multifunction operating modes conforms to ATEX ZONE 2 directive for environments with  potential explosive and volatile atmospheres such as gas-vapour or mist that could persist for a short period of time, during normal operation in the unlikely event such a situation was to happen there wouldn't' be any increased rick in the designated area.
Pump Technology
Designed using the latest technology a perfect balance has been achieved between using premium components that ensures reliability and performance with affordability for the operator, through the patented stabilised multi-range power supply (100 240v) which reacts to live working conditions to only draw the power required to activate the pump and reduce energy consumption; the algorithm also compensates for power supply fluctuations for precise and accurate dosing even in challenging conditions.
Multifunction Program
Chemical dosing powerful microprocessor and digital display with multifunction programming for timed, proportional (water meter) and analogue 4-20mA operating modes with the option on some models mechanical stroke length when the application requires for increased dosing precision and maximum control. 
Remote Management
Connection to WI-FI interface webserver - Modbus RTU RS485 Port for integration into complex systems including full programming authority.
Dosage Outputs
Flow rates 0.4 litres - 110 litres up to 20 bar pressure (see below tables for guidance)

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