Controller Specifications
 Auxiliary signal or water meter signal activates program 

 Programmable up to 168 pulses before outputs activate 

Auxiliary, proportional or time cycle program modes

 Selectable time ranges from 0.5 sec's to 30 minutes 

 Independant time adjustments for both relay outputs 

Manual override switches with LED indication

 Standard power supply 240v (110v upon request)
Towertech 5000
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Timer controller with two independent timed relay outputs activated by auxiliary input signal from a flow meter or remote instrument, outputs are fully adjustable by potentiometers on the facia with LED auxiliary pulse input signal confirmation. Has internal timer programmable in time cycles when input pulse signal isn't available or not required, manual overrides with built-in LED's provide indication when outputs are active with time adjustment on front of controller.

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Towertech 5000 controller for cooling towers & evaporative condensers with bleed bromine biocide & inhibitor dosing
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