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Peristaltic pumps provide a unique way of dosing chemicals into many industrial hygiene and water treatment applications using a simple designed pump with minimum moving parts, with only the need for a chemically resistant flexible tube that is compressed by rollers to deliver the chemical, these pump are ideal for applications in many industrial fields using low cost pumps.
Pumps for Cleaning-Hygiene & Laundry Systems
Fixed rate peristaltic pump suitable for mounting in enclosures for dishwashers 230 volt standard 24v & 110 on request
MP3 Peristaltic Pump
Fixed rate pumps suitable for dishwasher laundry and water treatment applications.
230 volt standard 24v & 110v on request
MP2-R Peristaltic Pump
Adjustment through potentiometer suitable for laundry, dishwasher & a variety of fluids.
230 volt standard 24v & 110 on request

High specification peristaltic pumps with many operation models developed for applications that require total chemical dosing control either from the software or external input signals including pulse proportional, ppm and 0-40 mA control together with 7 day timer model for a programmed timed dosing applications with optional low level and alarm output functions.

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Dosing pump with integral digital requiring minimal maintenance and low output from the pump, simple daily timer program with led status indication including manual override for dosing pump, supplied with wall mounting bracket and installation hoses and fitting kit.

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Silicone and Tygon Tubes Available
Peristaltic multifunction dosing pump for proportional, analog and timed water treatment, hygiene and swimming pool applications

Peristaltic Multifunction
Dosing Pumps

 Pump Specifications
Integrated pH, Redox and Chlorine instrument controllers

Set point regulation on/off or proportional timed controlled

Electrode-Chlorine sensor connection direct on to pump

Hysterisis, start delay and overdosing alarm functions

Low level chemical protection (probe upon request)

Installation kit footfilter, injection fitting, hose

Pump outputs 3-6-12 and 20 litres per hour

Universal power supply voltage 90250

Peristaltic Timer
Dosing Systems

Microdos MP1 timer dosing system for Grease Traps-Biological Chemicals-Cooling Towers-Brewery Industry
System Specifications
Peristaltic pumps outputs 0.25 to 2.4 litres per hour
Maximum pump working pressure rating 1 bar
Pump tube materials santoprene or silicone
 8 daily dosing programs in 1 minute increments
 Power loss timer and program battery back up
Dosing Applications
Biological & enzymes for grease traps, cooling towers, flocculants,
brewery industry, swimming pools, vehicle wash, irrigation systems
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Microdos Srl MP1 peristaltic pumps for mounting in dishwashers and laundry systems UK distributor Microdos Srl MP1 and MP2 peristaltic pumps for dishwashers and laundry systems UK distributor Microdos Srl MP3 peristaltic pumps for mounting in dishwashers and laundry systems UK distributor
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