Product Specifications
• Integrated double pH-redox, pH-chlorine digital instruments

• Pump set point regulation on/off or proportional time dosing

• Delay start time program adjustable for each dosing pump

• Hysterisis programmable adjustable for each dosing pump

• Level input for each measurement and flow sensor input

• Pump flow output 4 to 12 L/Hr to 3 bar pressure
 Pump Specifications
• Integrated pH, Redox and Chlorine instrument controllers

• Set point regulation on/off or proportional timed controlled

• Electrode-Chlorine sensor connection direct on to pump

• Hysterisis, start delay and overdosing alarm functions

• Low level chemical protection (probe upon request)

• Installation kit footfilter, injection fitting, hose

• Pump outputs 3-6-12 and 20 litres per hour

• Universal power supply voltage 90ũ250
Remote Monitoring Function
Instrument controllers are suitable for remote control by RS485 expansion board with Modbus
protocol using FWTŪ software.

ETHERNET connection: allows connection to system via PC for programming and settings using
FWTŪ software. Unit will signal once reaching alarm level or overdosing settings.

Cloud Internet Sever Platform Now Available With SmartApp Software
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Peristaltic systems combined with Chlorine, pH and Redox Controllers with small & medium output peristaltic pumps, large graphic display and keypad provides continuous control, with Wi-Fi connection for remote desktop and tablet monitoring and smartphone App option.

Peristaltic dosing pumps and systems with intergrated instruments to control and regulate pH-Redox and Chlorine levels providing an ideal solution for small and medium sized pool, with multiple parameters and features including alarm output.

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Peristaltic Instrument Pumps
Chlorine - pH - Redox

Peristaltic pump with pH-Redox-Chlorine instruments for water treatment swimming pools and spas applications Peristaltic dosing systems for swimming pools and spas with pH, Redox and Chlorine measurement controllers
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