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Bespoke and secure polypropylene enclosures with integrated bunds for chemical dosing tanks and dosing equipment, practical solution for sites that require a stand alone housing with all dosing equipment and chemicals housed in a secure dry environment. Designed around individual system requirements these enclosures can be used for chemical storage or housing dosing equipment, particularly useful in remote areas where dosing systems need to be housed separately on site.

Compact chemical dosing skids and packages with integrated bund including controller, dosing pumps & injection flow assembly, ideal for installations when space is limited or as a stand alone mobile chemical dosing system. Designed specifically as plug and play systems to reduce installation time and minimum inconvenience, ideal solution when a temporary or trial chemical dosing system is required.

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General Description
Design and build bespoke dosing systems

Separate bunds for each dosing tank

Dosing equipment board mounted

Internal lighting option available

Double entry into enclosure
General Description
Design and build bespoke dosing systems
Integrated bunds including dosing tanks
Dosing pumps & equipment mounted
Injection flow and electrode assembly
Designed for plug and play installation
Temporary or emergency applications
Flocculant and pH correction dosing

Freestanding Bunded
Dosing Packages

Dosing Packages 
Bunded Enclosures

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Freestanding dosing packages with dosing tanks and integrated bunds Freestanding dosing systems with dosing tank and integrated bund including dosing pumps and equipment.
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