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The system can be intergrated with either redox or chlorine dioxide instrument for control, alarm or monitoring requirements.
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Metering Pumps
Biohibix Dioxide Dosing System
Designed to generate chlorine dioxide automatically through our biohibix control module by stored in a chemical dosing tank, thus allowing a greater degree of reaction between injected chemicals & water. As required by use the system automaically fills the tank replenishing used chlorine dioxide in the tank, with a reserve capacity available at all times. A proportional digital pump mounted on the tank is used to dose the chlorine dioxide into the water system, providing a simple yet effective & safe dosing solution to all types of applications.
Chlor-Dox Proportional Redox Alarm System P1
This system combines proportional dosing of two chemicals with a redox control system, which monitors the chlorine dioxide levels & isolates dosing if sufficient levels are being registered in the system. Therefore control is harmonized between the water through the system & monitored accordingly by the redox probe, to prevent overdosing & unnecessary chemical dosing at low flow conditions. Two visual alarms are provide for low & high chlorine dioxide levels in the system, together with a high alarm lockout module to prevent against over dosing. The redox instrument has a 4-20mA current output for remote monitoring, to either a chart recorder or BMS system .
The system can be provided with an additional pump for corrosion inhibitor dosing intergrated within the dosing system.
Chlor-Dox Proportional Redox Alarm System P2
This system has the same specifications as the above dosing system, giving a greater degree of options for installion of the dosing pumps. When installations require bulk storge of chemical on site this system can be provided with dosing tanksets & bunds, installed in a different location to the control system.
The system can be provided with an additional pump for corrosion inhibitor dosing intergrated within the dosing system.
Towertech Proportional System TT1000
Proportional chlorine dioxide dosing system for small water treatment applications, both low maintenance and user friendly in design and cost effective. The system can be either control through a water meter signal dosing in accordance with the water flow through the system, or alternatively using the internal time program within the towertech controller.
Typical Bunded
Independant bunds with pumps mounted, for dosing chlorine dioxide into pvc manifold.
bunded system with instrument controlling pumps, mounted on tanks for dosing chlorine dioxide.
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