Chlorine Cells and Sensors
Two types of chlorine measurement sensors are available:
  open system amperometric chlorine cell
  ion selective potentiostatic membrane sensors
  Chlorine Dioxide Sensors
 Range: 0.005 .. 2 ppm (mg/l) free chlorine
 Resolution: 0.001 ppm (mg/l)
 Signal (nominal slope): -1000 mV/ppm pH-compensated
 Power supply: 5 to 12,5 Vdc / 10 25 Vdc 25mA
 Operating temperature: > 5 < 45C, automatic compensation by integrated temperature sensor
 pH range: pH 4 - pH 12 (low pH dependency)
 Flow requirement: approximately 30 l/h
 Pressure: 0,5 bar, no sudden pressure surges, impulses and/or vibrations or fluctuations
 Suitable chlorinating agents: NaOCl (sodium hypochlorite); Ca (OCl)2 (calcium hypochlorite); chlorine gas;
Compatibility: Tensides: Isocyanuratic / Surfactants / Flocculants
Standard duty (CLS2-CLS20) water treatment (also drinking water), swimming pool
   Chlorine Amperometric Cells
 Measuring method: open probe amperometric 3 electrode system (NOT galvanic isolation)
 Flow rate 80 l/hr
 Pressure:- / AS2 5 bar;
 AS3 approximately 8 bar
 Application AS2 drinking water, services for cold and hot water up to max 70C, high pressure)
 Application AS3 drinking water, swim. pools, closed systems cold / hot water: legionella control
CC1Hun Free Inorganic-Organic chlorine
AS2N Inorganic Free chlorine
AS3H / AS3N-CL Inorganic Free chlorine
Amperometric cells able to the measure organic and inorganic free chlorine in the system with 0-10 mg/lt reading (ppm), with the regulation of the in-coming water flow, suitable to host temperature probe and proximity flow switch.
CLC2 Cell:-
CLC3 Cell:-
CLC4 Cell:-
with 2 electrodes holders, capable to host proximity switch and temperature probe
with 2 electrodes holders and proximity switch, capable to host temperature probe
amperometric cell capable to host proximity switch and temperature probe
 PMMA body with PP electrode holders
 Self-cleaning cell with glass balls
 Range 0?10 ppm. Electrode Platinum/Copper in vertical position to avoid bubbles
 Flow adjustment: 40?50 l/h or by visual adjustment (to be steady and continuous)
 2 electrodes holder, Proximity switch and temperature probe
 Max pressure 5 bar - Max temperature 5?60C
CLS CD4H Chlorine Dioxide
Application Fields:- Swimming Pool-Drinking Water-Process Water
Membrane covered amperometric 2 electrode system with integrated electronics
Cl2sured factor 0.03 of its measurement value;O3 is measured
0.005...2 ppm (mg/l) Chlorine Dioxide and 0.05...20 ppm (mg/l) Chlorine Dioxide
0.001 ppm (mg/l) and 0.01 ppm (mg/l)
Operating Temperature;
>5...<45 C Automatic Compensation
CLS CD4N Chlorine Dioxide
Available upon request;
Flow 30 l/hr Pressure 1 Bar
CD4MA mA Output/Slope Sensors with Galvanic Isolation
  Hydrogen Peroxide Sensors
CLS WP7Hun Hydrogen Peroxide
CLS WP7Un Hydrogen Peroxide
Range - Resolution
 0.0...200/ 0.1 ppm and 0.0...2000 ppm/1.0 ppm
Operating Temperature
 5 - 45 C Automatic Compensation; changes at temperature >5C
Flow 30 l/hr Pressure 1 Bar
 Available upon request
200;500;1000;2000;10,000 ppm ranges mA Output/Slope Sensors with Galvanic Isolation
Serving All Sectors Of Industry
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Application Fields:- All types of Water Treatment; Tensides are tolerated
Membrane covered amperometric 2 electrode system with integrated electronics
NO interferences from surfactants; Cl2, PES, O3 must not be present; Sulphide's poison measurements
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