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 Touch Series Controllers
Monitoring of water is probably the most important part of keeping bacterial growth and water treatment processes under control and the part played by the monitoring controller cannot be underestimated, both our Touch and CTRL series of controller share many common features and functions for continuous measurement. Together with different levels of operating modes and programming procedures allow the user define there own program to cover a wide range of technical requirements,
The TOUCH series multifunction systems with touch screen display with chemical analysis parameters and BMS management control systems.
TOUCH series software allows for continued developments and upgrades as advancements in technology and featured functions make it the most versatile controller unit on the market.
Free (residual) and Total chlorine; pH, RX (ORP); Conductivity EC (S); Dissolved Oxygen; Hydrogen Peroxide; Bromine; Ozone; Chlorine Dioxide; Peracetic acid.
  Available models and enclosures
Touch screen controllers with user friendly programming interface;

Standard Ethernet (LAN) connection, Modbus TCP + data logger + USB port; Graphic charts and data logger download;

Auxiliary functions drive remote equipment either via a relay output or by means of a timer programming, allowing the user to choose the exact time, date, week the equipment operates
     and for what time duration making Touch series a perfect tool for automated systems; the functions can also be renamed using the keyboard;

PH measurements can be changed to RX just changing the parameter during programming and using RX electrode;

Chlorine measurements features 4 chlorine ranges suitable for Membrane type chlorine sensors 0-2 ppm, 20 ppm, 0-200 ppm and also for open type chlorine cell range 0-10 ppm;

Conductivity measurements are in micro Siemens features K factor ranges (Cell Constant) selectable by the operator: ranges K1 20.000 S; K 5 up to 2.000 S; K 0,1 up to 200.000 S;
     K10 up to 200 S;

PPM measurements suitable for Membrane type sensors for various ranges: 2 ppm, 20 ppm, 200 ppm, 2000 ppm, 20000 ppm and 200000 ppm. Measurements: Dissolved Oxygen;
     Hydrogen Peroxide; Bromine; Chlorine Dioxide; Peracetic acid; Chlorites; Absence of Chlorine.
Feature allow dealers to stock one type for all controller thus reducing stock saving time and money together with a friendly user programming menu, almost self-explanatory and the elegant wide display gives easy vision during commissioning, with different models available each featuring various functions ensure a high degreel of accuracy and safety.
GSM external module for receiving sms in case of alarm level or overdosing settings.
WI-FI remote control by smartphone or tablets: it allows operator to connect via WIFI and change programming and settings. Unit will send an email in case of alarm level or overdosing functions. Graphic charts Visualization
Both TOUCH and CTRL series are suitable for remote control by RS485 expansion board with Modbus protocol using FWT software.

A USB port allows to download all operations data events on a pen drive.

ETHERNET connection: it allows operator to connect to the unit via PC and change programming and settings using FWT CTRL software. Unit will signal once reaching alarm level or overdosing settings.

WIFI connection controls TOUCH series operations via Internet by PC, Mac, Tablets and Smartphone.
A self-explanatory program allows the operator to change settings and programming.
Unit will send an email once reaching alarm levels, overdosing point or Max dosing pump time out.

Alternatively a GSM module is available for receiving sms in case of alarm level or overdosing settings.
 Remote Control Monitoring
with Probe
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