Product Specifications
Glass body shaft electrode maintenance free gel electrolyte

EDINRXG without cable Redox Electrode range 2000 mV,

EDINPHG without cable pH Electrode range pH 0...14,

PG13.5 connection for coaxial cable with BNC connector

EPHG6 PH Electrode with BNC coaxial cable

ERXG6 Redox Electrode with BNC coaxial cable

Pressure rating 10 bar (140 psi)

Temperature 0....130C

Reliable pH probes and redox probes are an integral part of any monitoring system providing feedback at all times accurate readings which the instrument is dependant upon to maintain chemical levels in the system and the control dosing pumps. A robust design with low maintenance requirements sensors and electrodes suitable for all types of environments and applications.

Product Information
Plastic polycarbonate shaft maintenance free gel electrolyte

Redox Electrode range 2000 mV, Platinum disc junction

PH Electrode range pH 0...14, Single bulb junction

BNC connector with fixed 1 or 5mtr coaxial cable

Pressure rating 6 bar (100 psi)

Temperature 0....60C
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High performance robust pH electrodes and redox electrodes with either PG 13 connection or with the coaxial cable connected direct to the electrode itself, providing a accurate reading back to the monitoring instrument which depends on stable and consistant signaling from the electrode for all types of process environments and water treatment applications.

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pH Probes
Redox Probes

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pH Probe & pH Electrode Measurement
The measurement of Hydrogen Ion concentration in an aqueous liquid, which determines whether a liquid is neutral (7.0 pH), acid or alkali. pH is usually measured with a glass or plastic combination electrode which produces a millivolt potential proportional to the pH value that is amplified by the software inside the pH instrument to give an instantaneous value.
Redox Probe & Redox Electrode Measurement
Typically used to determine the oxidizing or reducing potential (ORP) of a water sample solution being a measure of the tendency of a chemical species to acquire electrons from or lose electrons to an electrode and thereby be reduced or oxidised respectively, using a platinum tip electrode with the the value being presented millivolts (mV), the term Redox is derived from Reduction Oxidation and also be referred to as ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).
All controllers incorporate control relays as well as a (0) 4-20mA signal. Depending on which model of controller - these can be used to control a piece of control equipment such as a pump or solenoid valve. Often these pieces of control equipment can be controlled proportionally that is - causing the device to speed up, or dose faster / slower depending on the deviation from the desired set-point.

pH Electrodes
Redox Electrodes

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