PVC reinforced hose good chemical resistance properties suitable for high pressure chemical applications PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) tubing offers numerous advantages being resistant to almost all aggressive chemicals PVDF tubing provides excellent chemical resistance has greater operational pressure and offers full UV protection Polyethylene hose and tubing for chemical dosing pumps and applications High temperature stainless steel injection lance with non-return valve for connection of chemical dosing pump injection fitting chemical dosing pump injection manifold with provision for pH-redox electrodes and sensors.

  Polyethylene Hose
   Chemical resistant tubing fair working temperature suit most chemical dosing applications.
   Doesn't impart taste or odour into contents ideal for use in food & beverage applications.
 |    Good chemical resistant properties    |    Low, medium & high density grade hose|
 |    Sizes:- 46mm - 68mm - 812mm  |    30m  60m and 100m continual lengths  |
N.B. Double Wall Hose Available

  Injection Fittings
    Chemical dosing pumps injection valves in PVC and PVDF for aggressive chemicals.
   Spring non-return ceramic ball valves BSP thread for pipe-work and tank mounting.

   |     Suitable for most dosing pumps  |    Connections 46mm 68mm 1014mm |
   |       PVDF & PVC injection fittings  |    Sleeve injection fittings option available | 

Double wall tubing significantly increases chemical containment protection throughout the installation.
   PVC Braided Hose
    Reinforced hose significantly increases working pressure for all types of applications.
    Suitable for food and beverage applications - doesn't impart taste or odour into contents.
   |  Good chemical resistant  Suitable for higher pressure chemical applications |
  |  Small Sizes " - " - 1" - 1"  |  Available in 30m  60m  100m continual lengths |
N.B. Suitable As Double Wall Hose

  PVDF Tubing
   Exceptional chemical resistance - UV protection suitable for sodium hypochlorite. 
   Suitable for most chemical applications increased confidence in the chemical compatibility.
  | Exceptional chemical resistant |  High pressure & high temperature applications |
  |  Sizes:- 46 - 68 - 812mm |  Available :- 30m  60m 100m continual lengths |
N.B. Double Wall Hose Available

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Injection fittings with lip type non-return valve for chemical dosing pumps excellent reliability and long service life Injection fittings with sleeve type valve for chemical dosing pumps excellent reliability and long service life

  Injection Flow Manifolds
   PVC Injection manifold with non-return and isolation valves for chemical dosing systems.
   Injection fitting points for dosing pumps provision for pH-redox - conductivity electrodes.
  |    Installation into existing pipework  |    Isolation valves for routine maintenance |
  |    Inline flow with non-return valve    |    Convenient for calibration of electrodes |

  Stainless Steel Injection Lance
   Supplied with non-return valve to prevent back pressure manual isolation valve.
   High temperature applications to introduce chemicals into the pipeline stream.
  |   Temperature reduces down the lance for connection of dosing pump injection fitting. |
  |   Non-return valve provides additional protection of chemical and pressure backflow.  |
  Dosing Pump Injection Lance 
   Retractable injection lance variable depth to introduce chemicals into pipeline.
   Design prevents any chemical deposits building up at the point of injection.
  |    PVDF construction with isolation valve  |    Exceptional chemical resistance  |
  |    Variable immersion depth 20-130mm      |   Maximum pressure rating 10 bar  |
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Injection fittings in PVDF with spring non-return ball valve for chemical dosing pumps exceptional reliability and performance

Dosing Pumps 
Equipment & Spares

Chemical injection lances for dosing pumps fully retractable with isolation valve Retractable dosing pump chemical injection lances for large bore pipes. injection fittings resistant to most chemicals suitable for all dosing pumps
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Chemical dosing pump PVDF footvalves exceptional reliability and performance Clear pvc hose good chemical resistance and increased flexibility ideal low pressure applications Chemical injection flow assembly's with non-return valve and provision for pH-redox electrodes
  Footvalve Stainers
    Suitable for most dosing pumps; PVDF  and PVC filters with non-return valve. 
    Maintains dosing pump is primed with weight at base of footfilter.
   |    Suitable for most dosing pumps  |    PVDF filters for aggressive chemicals   | 
   |    Ceramic non-return ball valves   |    Conections 46mm 68mm 1014mm  |

Dosing pump footvalves exceptional reliability and performance

  PTFE Tubing (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene)
  Resistant to most aggressive chemicals excellent for high pressurised applications.
  Wide temperature operating range non-flammable and electrically insulated.
  | Exceptional chemical resistance |  High pressure & temperature applications |
  |  Sizes:- 46mm - 68 - 812mm |  30m  60m and 100m continual lengths |
N.B. Double Wall Hose Available

   PVC Clear Hose
    PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) fully transparent for low pressure applications.
    Suitable for food - beverage applications - doesn't impart taste or odour into contents.
  |  Good chemical resistance |  Suitable for lower pressure chemical applications |
   |  Sizes:- 46 - 68 - 812mm |  Available in 30m  60m  100m continual lengths |
N.B. Suitable As Double Wall Hose
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